Robot Springboard @ "Robotics Camp In A Box"

Robot Springboard is pleased to be able to provide "Robot Springboard in a Box"!  When we traveled to Homer Alaska (see completed projects) to run a robotics camp in June of 2013 we realized in retrospect that it would have been much easier for us to ship by media mail, all the books we brought for the camp.  This gave us the idea to start up the "camp in a box".

Robot Springboard can ship to groups interested in learning more about robotics two full Lego Mindstorm NXT kits, two HP laptops with NXT software installed as well as books from our extensive LEGO Mindstorm/NXT library.  Groups are welcome to access all or part of our resources.  In addition to providing the above, we will provide technical support via skype, webchat or email to ensure that your robotics program is the best that it can be.

We are especially interested in working with organizations that are planning to develop a long-term robotics program or club but would like to use the robots for initial learning or just a trial basis.  This would include, but is not limited to, the following organizations: home school programs, 4-H clubs, Girl or Boy Scout groups, and Community Youth programs.

There is no charge for the camp in the box or our technical support  We only ask that the recepient cover the cost of return shipping of the equipment.  Books are shipped via media rate.  

Robot Springboard requires a fully refundable cashiers check to cover the replacement cost of each robotics kit, laptop borrowed or books borrowed.  We will not cash or deposit the check and it will be returned to you when the materials are returned to Robot Springboard.

For more information please contact us.