Short and Long Term Goals

Short Term Goals

File articles of incorporation as non-profit organization in State of Pennsylvania

     Status:  Completed.

File necessary paperwork with Internal Revenue Service for official 501(c)3 determination

     Status:  Completed and recognized as a 501(c)3 organization.

Register domain name "Robot Springboard" and begin website

     Status:  Completed. 

Identify one or two communities that have been interested in developing a robotics program but have been unable to do so.

     Status:  Completed.

Long Term Goals

Year One 

     Incorporate as Non-profit Corporation in PA - Completed

     Obtain formal IRS 501(c)3 status - Completed

     Develop website - Initial website launched July 2012

                                                                  Complete redesign done July 2013   


     Demonstrate Robot Springboard "proof of concept" by developing robotics programs in two separate communities during the summer of 2013.

 Homer Alaska completed June 2013.  

 Drexel University completed August 2013.

     Additionally, we will launch "Robot Springboard in a box" a deliverable robotics    experience in late August 2013.

Year Two

     Show that the Robot Springboard concept can be generalized.

     Develop a "Train-the-Trainer/Teach-the-Teacher" program to allow one or two other groups of interested high school students to use Robot Springboard as a model to help develop programs in additional communities.

     Robot Springboard hopes to double the number of communities from two in Year One to four in Year Two.

Years Three to Five

     Encourage each of the Robot Springboard teaching groups to identify two other interested students to allow the number of "peer" mentor groups to increase in size.  Continue with each peer group helping to develop a community service "springboard" program.

Years Five and Beyond

     Continue as in years three to five, but...


     Hopefully at this point some of the peer-to-peer teachers will be students who benefitted from a Robot Springboard experience in their own community and now have a desire to "pay it forward" themselves.  At this point, Robot Springboard should be able to be a self supporting, self-sustaining organization.