Why did you set up Robot Springboard?

In the “Our Founders" section of this website you'll gain more insight to the answer to this question but basically we are excited about robotics, computer science and the STEM fields in general.  We are grateful for the opportunities we've had and the friends, family and teachers that have helped us.  We'd like to "pay it forward" and give something back.

Why did you pick Alaska as the first place to start a robotics program?

We wanted to help start a robotics program in a community that was interested in robotics but had been unable to initiate a program.  Alaska has a growing FIRST robotics organization and actually fields 3 FRC teams and 44 FTC teams.  In general though, robotics programs such as First Lego League just don't have as much expsoure or traction in Alaska like they do in other parts of the United States.  We thought that we could likely have the greatest impact from our program by working in Alaska.

Additionally, we felt that by developing programs in an area which was geographically distant form our home locale we could demonstrate that Robot Springboard is capable of the planning and logistics required to successfully institute a robotics program in diverse and different communities.  This will allow Robot Springboard to further it's mission to develop robotics programs in underserved communities.