Robot Springboard @ Costa Rica (Monteverde & San Jose)

Before describing our 2014 Service project we’d like to address the rationale for running our Robot Springboard project in Costa Rica. 

Year round we hold BrightStart Robotics workshops for parents and children at our local library.  This past year we hosted over 100 parents and children.  We also hold a week long Robot Springboard Technology Camp @ Drexel University for 30 middle school girls from Philadelphia which is supported in part by both Drexel University and a grant from the National Center for Women and Information Technology.



In addition to the above however, we wanted to work on a more national or even global scale.  We have always believed that by demonstrating that we are capable of the planning and logistics required to run a program in a region remote from our home locale we could enhance the reputation and credibility of Robot Springboard.  This in turn would create more opportunities for our educational outreach efforts.

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Why Costa Rica?


We chose to work in Costa Rica for several reasons.


There is a rapidly growing interest in STEM education and robotics in Costa Rica and Latin America and we believed we could help develop robotics programs where none had existed previously.

Programs such as “Global Girls” and “She Will” which seek to empower girls all over the world through educational efforts have inspired us.   We believe the “Girl Rising” video below is especially inspirational.


DSC_0161 copy

The Intel Corporation is a large supporter of the “Global Girls” and “She Will” programs and has a major manufacturing presence in Costa Rica.  They also are very involved in community outreach programs.  We were interested in working with Intel and hopefully becoming involved in the above programs.


Finally, although Costa Rica does have a robotics program for school aged children they do not participate in the FIRST robotics organization although several other Central and South American countries are involved in FIRST.  (Presently there are 70 countries involved in First Robotics). We had hoped that by developing contacts within Costa Rica we could eventually help them become an international partner in FIRST robotics.

Click Here To Read About Our Project In Monteverde, CR

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