About the Founders

We are Hannah and Rachael Tipperman, fraternal twin sisters who co-founded Robot Springboard in the summer between our 9th and 10th grade of high school.  A year earlier, as 8th graders, we started an all-girls robotics team and participated as "rookies" in a local FLL tournament.  Our team made it to the regional championships and also won a first prize for our research project which was a novel controller for a prosthetic hand for children.  As 9th graders our all girls team again made it to the regional championships and placed 2nd overall in our local FLL tournament.

We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity and experience of participating in FLL.  We are indebted to the many volunteers that give so much of themselves to make that program successful.

By developing Robot Springboard we hoped in some small way to "pay it forward" to others for the opportunities and exposure we have been given.

We have gained great respect for the FIRST core value "what we learn is more important than what we win".  We don't hope to "win" anything with Robot Springboard but we do hope to learn a tremendous amount.  Additionally, we do hope to help others along the way and perhaps that's the best form of "winning!"  

You can learn more about our short and long term goals here

You can read our interim update from 2013 here

Summer 2018 Update


Wow, we can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we last updated our “about us” section!


We remain incredibly grateful for NCWIT and Drexel University’s  support of the Robot Springboard Camp and are excited that the camp has been running for 6 consecutive years.


As for ourselves, we graduated high school and enrolled as computer science majors at Brown University in Rhode Island.  Although the school and program are academically demanding we’ve loved our experience there and are especially grateful for the supportive atmosphere fostered by our classmates and professors.


At Brown we’ve continued to be involved with teaching and have served as TAs (teaching assistants) for multiple classes and also Head TAs for the intro computer science sequence.  In addition, we’ve been very active participants with Hack @ Brown and love the motto “Hack@ Brown is all about learning”.


When we started Robot Springboard we always hoped that it would be self-perpetuating so that some of the girls that participated in the program would ultimately function as leaders in the program.  We’re thrilled that we are finally reaching that point and hope to continue to support the program and it’s continuity.


As for ourselves, our past summers have been busy – Rachael has been working for Google and Hannah was a Kleiner Perkins fellow working for an artificial intelligence start up.  We were excited to be able to teleconference into last years Robot Springboard Camp and give the girls our perspective on working in technology as a woman.


This summer Rachael will again be working for Google while Hannah will work for an algorithmic trading company that asks it’s interns not to mention it by name.


We can’t wait to see what that next few years will bring to Robot Springboard @ Drexel!